Susie Au



An award-winning filmmaker who is active in Hong Kong and China. Susie is also taken as the MV guru in the region. Her visual style is noted for uniquely exotic. Being a female director, Susie also investigates human desires from a feminine point of view through images and music.

Susie was an early member of Zuni Icosahedron, and participated in One Hundred Years of Solitude Series, etc. In 1993, Susie’s “To Hide and Seek” screened at the 16th Hong Kong International Film Festival and in 1995, she founded “Handmade Films” significantly execute FILM/TVC/MV productions. In 2006, Susie made her first feature debut Ming Ming which has been screened at film festivals in Busan, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, etc.

In 2015/16, Susie was invited to Berlin as an artist-in-residence by MedienBoard and Nipkow Programme respectively and was devoted in creating TV series. Her recent works include New Vision Arts Festival Multi media Music performance  “Utopia, momentarily” and photo exhibition “World in daze, Women in wind”.