Zuni Creative Playground

3-Day Course on Creativity
Zuni Creative Playground

“Zuni Creative Playground: 3-Day Course on Creativity” is an elementary learning programme on the basics of experimental theatre, designed for local young art and design practitioners, students above 16 years old, teachers and social workers of related disciplines, using the creative concept of Danny Yung, the pioneer of Chinese experimental arts, as blueprint, with a series of courses on the basic knowledge of creativity, including lessons on the body, sounds, theatre space, technology, images and text. The courses will be held in the Studio Theatre and Rehearsal Room at The Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Instructors/ lecturers include Mathias Woo, Yu Yat-yiu, Ellen Pau, Carmen Cheng, Dick Wong, Edgar Hung, Theresa Leung, Lai Tat Tat Wing.


Course Introduction


  • Body / Performance / Creation

Tutor / Speaker Dick Wong

Starting from awareness of our bodies, movements and gestures; awareness of bodies, time and space; awareness of watching and being watched, through participation, observation, analysis, discussion and debate, to lead students to think “What is creation?” and “What is performance?

  • Body / Wisdom

Tutor / Speaker Theresa Leung

The body knows better than the mind. Each bodily function is the result of multiple systems of the body collaborating with each other, unprompted by volition or thought. Based on advanced research with dual emphasis on theory and practice, this course provides training to raise students’ awareness to their bodily functions, and to improve the performance of these functions through guided body and limb movements and breathing exercises.

  • Sound / Music

Tutors / Speakers Yu Yat-yiu, Edgar Hung

This lesson is to let the participants explore the possibilities of their own voice, to explore sound with different rules and vocabularies. From an individual to a collective sound, students will be aware of the structure of sound and the characteristics and limitation of one’s sound. Students will begin to be aware of the others and able to interact with others with sound, to construct simple sound piece with their own voice and simple rules and vocabularies.

  • Theatre Space / Technology

Tutor / Speaker Mathias Woo

Through measuring, participants will explore spaces, explore the relationships between body and space. They will also learn the structure of a theatre space and the reasons behind; the relationships between theatre technology and creativity. Meanwhile, through comparing theatre space and our living spaces, to explore possibilities of space creation of theatre performance.

  • Theatre Stage Technical and Management

Tutor / Speaker Carmen Cheng

Students are able to learn about the professions of theatre stage technical and management, by site visit to the facilities of the actual theatre space, including lighting, audio, backstage and etc.

  • Images / Text

Tutor / Speaker Lai Tat Tat Wing

These are not writing or painting classes, but lessons on how to read and interpret all symbols, in text or images, produced in the process of theatre creation. What are symbols? What is the relationship between text symbols and image symbols? We shall explore and experiment with the attributes of text symbols and image symbols, and see how changes in the nature of symbols could affect their definitions.

  • Images / Media

Tutor / Speaker Ellen Pau

What are the relationship between images and theatre space? How technology development and changes of media affect creativities on images and theatre space. Through multi-media and technology, how to create, break through and reconstruct theatre space so as to increase the possibilities of theatre creation?

Tutors / Speakers
Application Fee


*Full-time staff of local arts and cultural organisations

20% OFF

*Local senior secondary students, students of tertiary institutions, social workers, teachers, full time staff of agencies of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

50% OFF

*Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients and service clients of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

90% OFF

*Limited quota, a valid proof is required for verification

  • HK$2,000 or half of the registration fee (whichever is less) will be refunded to the trainee if the trainee could attend all classes with well performance;
  • Trainee with poor discipline would be disqualified from the course and entitle Zuni Icosahedron to forfeit the registration fee;
  • Trainee may have the chance to join the “Zuni Stage Internship Programme” in One Belt One Road Experimental Theatre The Interrupted Dream: Chinois Dream at Château de Versailles (September, 2019), Architecture Music Theatre In Praise of Shadows (September, 2019), “Zuni Innovation Lab” and “Zuni Cross-Cultural Exchange Programme – Shanghai Cultural Exchange & Study Trip” (October to November, 2019);
  • Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to make changes in any content of the course in “Creative Playground”. In the event of any dispute, Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right of making the final decision.



9:00am - 6:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre