In Search of a Dream (Indonesia)

Yogyakarta | Bali | Jakarta

In September, Danny Yung and Belt Road artists have created the One Belt One Road Experimental Theatre – The Interrupted Dream: Chinois Dream at Château de Versailles. This November, Danny Yung continues his “journey searching for the dream”; this time, he is coming to Singapore and Indonesia. The “Journey to the East – One Table Two Chairs” project took off in 1997; in over 20 years, Danny has travelled to cities around the world, including Nanjing, Okinawa, Tokyo, New York, London, Pennsylvania, Berlin, etc. Today, “One Table Two Chairs”, as borrowed from Chinese Kunqu, has evolved into a theatrical experiment – “One Table Many Chairs”. At the festival, artists from different cities specializing in various performing art forms come together and continuously engage in inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogues.

Coming to the next stop of the journey, Indonesia, Zuni invites the audience from Yogyakarta, Bali, and Jakarta to be “In Search of a Dream”. The touring to Southeast Asia includes not only performances but also Open Forum, masterclasses, and screenings –
initiating dialogues with local artists, academia, and cultural practitioners, exchanging ideas, and learning from each other.

The One Belt One Road Experimental Theatre touring to Singapore and Indonesia is mainly sponsored by Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (Singapore and Jakarta). Stay tuned with Zuni for more news on cultural exchange.

Creative Team

Artistic Director, Director & Designer

Danny Yung

Associate Director Liu Xiaoyi (Singapore)

Performers @Inodesia  Didik Nini Thowok (Yogyakarta), Makoto Matsushima (Tokyo), Nget Rady (Phnom Penh),  Amin Farid (Singapore), Jason Kong, Sabrina Sng (Singapore), Nattapon Wannaun aka Guide (Hatyai), Chaosin (Taipei)




7:30pm (WIB)

Concert Hall, ISI Yogyakarta


7pm (WITA)

ISI Denpasar


7:30pm (WIB)