Art Festival 2019

The biennial “Architecture is Art Festival” was initiated and curated by Zuni Icosahedron’s Co-Artistic Director Mathias Woo in 2009. It is the first-ever art festival that links architecture with humanistic spirit as the main theme of the festival, promoting a series of activities on art and design, architecture and urban development. A city is composed of buildings. As urbanites, we may decide not to read books, look at paintings, listen to music or be in touch with any art forms. Yet, architecture is not one to be averted, for it is the vessel of life and architectural space the repository of the everyday life, history and cultural locus of its dwellers. The city also constitutes our collective memory.

Architecture connects man and nature; it is a linkage of aesthetics, passion, culture and traditions.

Vanessa Pong / Founder, LoveFaithHope Charitable Foundation

Architecture is the fusion of art form and structure.

Cindy Livingston / President and CEO, Sequel AG

Architecture is the aesthetics of space just like music is the aesthetics of time.

Rosaline Pi / Vocalist

Since mankind left the caves architecture provides the shelter and the frame of our daily.

Frank Burbach / The Consulate - General of Germany (Former)

Architecture is the understanding/organization of the relationship between human and space/environment.

Desmond Hui / Professor, CUHK

Architecture is a place to be inspired & to attain the truth in living.

Karena Lam / Actress

Archuitecture is part of man's inherent instinctual nature to create shelter through the manipulation of space.

Daniel Wu / Actor