Theatre is technology

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Theatre is Technology

Theatre is a space constructed by technology
Architectural engineering techniques
Lighting techniques
Sound techniques
Projection techniques
Mechanical technical system of the stage
Theatre technology defines the possibilities of a performance
Technology and theatre are inseparable
Understanding technology allows the invention of the future of theatre
What is the future?
The relationship between watching and performing in the age of cellphones?
Image and language
Music and sound
Body and performance
New technology has been creating new music, theatre, dance and image
The theatre of the future, the imagination of the audience
The creation of an artist
A more proactive audience?
Or, with technology, all options are but one kind of option.

Zuni theatre is an eternal experimentation
Experimentation means endless errors
Conducting technological experiments in the theatre
Experimenting with body and image – motion capture
With sound and space – soundscape
The emotional interaction between material and experience – projections on giant mirrors
Performance brings about emotion
Technology brings about theatre
Theatre brings about performance

Singing along with Mozart, BAUHAUS, and moving hula hoops in the Magic Flute Playground
Planning Hong Kong better through Participatory Policy Theatre
Playing the First Lessons in the Heart Sutra, and listening to the Heart of Bach
Experimenting One Belt One Road via the theatre plays of The Monkey Business and The Interrupted Dream
Experimenting theatre technology with light, sound, and space
Listening to Hong Kong’s naamyam with the Blind Musician Dou wun
Reflecting of the self and the other in Dick Wong Dance Theatre
Turning comic strips into theatre with The Pork Chops Inferno
Studying The Architecture of the City in an ensemble of stage installations
Embarking on a Sentimental Journey: The Rebecca Pan Tribute Concert
Revisiting the History Theatre of 1587, A Year of No Significance

Zuni Icosahedron

Co-Artistic Directors:
Danny Yung, Mathias Woo

The Power of Experimentation

Founded in 1982, Zuni Icosahedron is a non-profit charitable cultural organisation and a Hong Kong-based, international experimental arts collective. With the diversification of theatrical arts as objective, Zuni has produced over 200 original theatrical works and has been invited to over 80 cities in Europe, Asia, and America for performance and exchange. For many years, Zuni has been experimenting with creative ways to present fresh aspects of Hong Kong’s culture and arts, proactively promoting international cultural exchange, facilitating arts criticism, cultural policy research and more, actively promoting arts education and developing new artistic paradigms of digital and cross-media. In recent years, the arts collective has been fostering the propagation and development of Performing Arts as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Zuni is currently one of the nine major professional performing arts companies in Hong Kong and has been made Venue Partner with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre since 2009. Its experimental programmes are now focused in five distinct areas: tradition, technology, politics, education and the humanities. It has been producing a series of creative works and outreach education programmes, experimenting and exploring the different possibilities of form and content within the “Theatre Space”, and constantly expanding the boundaries of experimental art and social innovation.

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