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Dick Wong Dance+Theatre

B.O.B.* The Final Cut

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Dick Wong Dance+Theatre

B.O.B.* The Final Cut

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • The Self and The Other Series

  • Creative Note

  • Past Performances

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  • The Self and The Other Series

    The Self and The Other Series is a collection of theatre works by Dick Wong. From 2004 onwards till now, his works have been staged in different cities in Asia and Europe, from Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei to Paris, London and Berlin. They could be summed up as reference and cross reference of questioning the self and the other. To him, dance is more context than form; and theatre is a mirror in which the creator, performer and spectator see himself or herself. Four of his works will be included in this series of The Self and The Other, and they are B.O.B.* The Final Cut (2005), 1+1 (2009), The Rite of Spring (2016), and his latest work, The Rite of Spring – Solo Version (2018), which was just completed earlier this year.

  • Creative Note

    When a piece of work is brought to the public, it is as if the piece is alive and in its own right. Some of these works are as short-lived as a mayfly; some contribute to the next piece of creation; and some run into a cycle and continue to transform and grow.

    The four theatre works of this collection spanned across 14 years. To me, each of them carries a different meaning.

    B.O.B.* is like a memo, reminding me of the intricate relationship between seeing and words. Just as what John Berger wrote in Ways of Seeing, ‘Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak. But there is also another sense in which seeing comes before words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it.’

    1+1 is otherwise like a charter agreement, reminding me of the ever-changing relationships when collaborating with others, and that playing equal in formality is far less important than heightening one’s awareness. The inspiration of this piece came from the overseas invitations to stage B.O.B.* one after another. In the process of constantly collaborating with foreign dancers, I have come to understand more about collaboration, resulting in this performance project which concerns collaboration.

    The Rite of Spring is a negotiation, between me and myself, which is about creation, mind and action, sense and sensibility, and norms and freedom. Creation, per se, can also be a war waged against the self and the other, as well as institutions and conventions – thanks to Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky – my creation of The Rite of Spring has brought me liberation from the challenge.

    Dick Wong

  • Past Performances

    The Final Cut

    Hong Kong 27.11.2018 A collection of theatre works by Dick Wong –

    The Self and The Other Series Zuni Theatre Season 2018, Hong Kong

    (Commissioned by Zuni Icosahedron)

    Hong Kong 02-03.12.2011 Zuni Theatre Season 2018, Hong Kong

    (Commissioned by Zuni Icosahedron)

    Warsaw 09-10.06.2008 Festival Body/Mind, Warsaw, Poland
    London 30.05.2008 China Now Series, Sadler’s Wells, London, United Kingdom
    Paris 18-19.04.2007 Festival 100 Dessus Dessous, Paris, France
    Singapore 27-28.02.2007 Huayi Festival, Singapore
    Berlin 23-24.08.2006 Festival Tanz Im August, Berlin, Germany
    Bangkok 17-18.08.2005 Bangkok Fringe Festival, Bangkok, Thailand

    The Rough Cut

    Auckland 23.03.2018 Basement Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand
    Hong Kong 03.04.2014 Para Site International Conference

    “Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive? The new performance turn, its histories and its institutions.”, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong.

    Taipei 01.12.2012 Hong Kong x Taipei Dance Exchange, Rose Historic Site, Taipei
    Hong Kong 27-28.02.2009 Asia Pacific Dance Platform, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong
    Fribourg 01-02.07.2008 Festival Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg, Switzerland
    Leuven 23-24.03.2007 Monsoon Series, Leuven, Belgium
    Paris 13-14.01.2006 Centre National de la Danse, Paris, France
    Bangkok 18.12.2004 Bangkok Fringe Festival, Bangkok, Thailand

    The Original Cut

    Macau 20.08.2004 Macau Cultural Centre, Macau
    Hong Kong 20-21.02.2004 Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong

    (Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival)



  • Video

Dick Wong Dance+Theatre

B.O.B.* The Final Cut

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre




27 Nov

$200 (Free seating) $100 (Full-time students)
  • $200
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  • Introduction

  • Creative and Production Team

  • Remarks

  • Introduction

    “If Hong Kong funnyman Stephen Chow were a dancer, he might have been like this compatriot Dick Wong.” The Straits Times

    The Self and The Other Series #1
    B.O.B.* The Final Cut

    Both B.O.B.* The Final Cut, and B.O.B.* The Rough Cut evolved from a piece titled B.O.B.*, commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2004. B.O.B.* is a dance piece with no designed costume, no music and no lighting design, but only three dancers, two microphones and a chair, and yet in the past 12 years, it has received a total of 14 international invitations. This may indicate that the soul of a work lies in the concepts and ideas, and a flexible structure could accommodate the additional participation of local dancers from different places, enabling the work for one more level of exchange.

    B.O.B.* is Body Oh Body, and the “*” indicates annotation. The body is a mirror, and you can see both you and me there, as well as our imagination, misunderstandings, and wishful thinking for each other.

    The performance starts with a pose, and develops gradually drawing in language, memories, interpretations, commentary and cultural differences.

    Developed from B.O.B*, commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2004.

  • Creative and Production Team

    Director & Creation: Dick Wong

    Dancers: Frankie HO Ching Yu, Lai Tak Wai, Dick Wong

    Voice Performer: David Bensimhon


    Deputy Producer: Bowie Chow

    Production Manager: Lawrence Lee

    Production Manager & Stage Manager: Chow Chun-yin

    Deputy Stage Manager: Chan Chi-nok

    Creative Coordinator: Frankie Ho Ching-yu

    Lighting Designer: Zoe Cheung

    Sound Designer: Soloan Chung

    Assistant Stage Manager: Chan On-ki

    Wardrobe Assistant: Bonnie Chan

    Stage Assistant: Chim Man-lung, Tse Man-kuen

    Stage Interns: August Albin Abrahamsson


    Graphics: Rachel Chak

    Promotion Video: Johnny Au, Wing Chan, Kiki Ng

    Graphic Design Assistant: Coco Cheung

    Translation (Promotion): Kason Chi, Melinda Gaskin, Vicky Leong



    Chou Shu-yi, Mikiko Goto, Yuri Ng, Fu Kuen-tang, Claire Verlet, E-Side Dance Company,
    Hong Kong Arts Festival,  Comuna de Pedra (Macua), Craig AU YEUNG Ying-chai


  • Remarks

    .Performed in Cantonese
    .Running time approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
    .No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
    .Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programmes and seating arrangements.