Dan Tse



Having participated in theater performance for over 10 years, Dan Tse is now a freelance actor and the founder of youth art group SumCyun Empower.

Tse participated in the graduate performance Six Waves Six Shocks, as well as the Creative Playground, a project organised by Zuni Icosahedron and curated by Danny Yung. His other theatrical appearances include Invisible Cities/Decameron and Invisible Cities IV – Centre of Culture.

Tse was trained in creative drama under the Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association Limited, and thereafter participated in various educational theatre productions.

In 2011, Tse was awarded Grade 8 Group Drama with Distinction, under the certification of Trinity College London.

In 2015, Tse was the director of a drama in the Intervarsity Drama Festival.

In 2016, Tse was first runner-up in the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival. In 2018, Tse was co-director of the Latin Dance Political Theater, Dance Hong Kong Can You?